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Negotiating the Offer: You have job offer A, but are still waiting to hear about offer B. Now what?

This week, I talk about how to handle this specific negotiation situation: the “Have Offer A, but Waiting to Hear From Offer B” scenario. As usual, what’s most interesting to me is the etiquette and the appropriate language to use with both organizations. I give examples of how to delay Offer A, as well as how to find out about your status from potential Offer B.

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Boundaries: Teaching students & postdoc how to discuss their career with family over the holidays.

A few years ago, right before Thanksgiving, a student came in for a counseling appointment. Since she wasn’t sure that she wanted to continue on a career path in the biomedical sciences, she was dreading of the coming conversations about school. Talking to people abut our career path – or deflecting those conversations – can be a tricky thing. I have six strategies to handle conversations about your career over the holidays.

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Boundaries at Work: How to help a co-worker solve their own problem without letting it suck you down.

One of the most valuable professional skills to develop is the ability to help a coworker solve their own problem. Knowing how to support others on your team without compromising your own well being is practically an art. The next time a colleague sits down and starts recounting their latest problem, respond skillfully. Here’s what I’ve seen work.

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