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Exploring careers for PhDs is about repeatedly ‘getting unstuck’

Career counselors in our office have noted that many graduate students and postdocs repeatedly get ‘stuck’ when exploring the wide range of career options available to PhDs, because they lack a foundational understanding of precisely what it means to ‘explore careers’. So, they read pithy articles or first person narratives that encourage activities like ‘identify transferrable skills’ and ‘conduct informational interviews’, and feel lost. Check out an instrument I developed that we use in counseling appointments to help PhDs get ‘unstuck’ in the career exploration process.

Boundaries: Discussing your career with family over the holidays

Photo of dinner table

A few years ago, right before Thanksgiving, a student came in for a counseling appointment. Since she wasn’t sure that she wanted to continue on a career path in the biomedical sciences, she was dreading of the coming conversations about school. Talking to people abut our career path – or deflecting those conversations – can be a tricky thing. I have six strategies to handle conversations about your career over the holidays.