Category: Interviewing/Negotiating

How to answer the, “What’s Your Weakness?” question

I was recently reading that the, “What’s your Weakness?” question was the most useless interview question, because everyone tries to dodge it. Rather than useless, I describe it as the most misunderstood interview question, by candidates and interviewers alike. Candidates feel it’s a trick question, and some employers aren’t clear on what exactly they’re looking for when they ask.

Negotiating the Offer: You have job offer A, but are still waiting to hear about offer B. Now what?

This week, I talk about how to handle this specific negotiation situation: the “Have Offer A, but Waiting to Hear From Offer B” scenario. As usual, what’s most interesting to me is the etiquette and the appropriate language to use with both organizations. I give examples of how to delay Offer A, as well as how to find out about your status from potential Offer B.

Interviewing? You need a game plan

In my line of work, helping candidates prepare for interviews is an everyday task. In my experience, the first step for candidates who have interviews is to look online for field-specific interview questions to practice. This is a mistake. Here’s what to do instead.