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Invisible work: Why building a new student service office can lead to burnout

I read once that career development professionals report some of the highest levels of job satisfaction. But when you’re a career development professional, in a small office, you’re in danger of burnout from all the invisible work you’ll need to do to do the work that is expected of you. Our office has been constantly tackling the creep of ‘invisible work’, and I thought I’d talk about it.

That Worked: HBR says to raise productivity, let more employees work from home. So we did.

If a university career center can’t model a healthy, high functioning work environment, who can? When I became director last October, one of my first goals was to establish an office-wide telework policy. The entire team threw themselves into defining goals and troubleshooting how to make it work. 8 months later, its a work in progress, but it’s working rather well.