Resigning from your job? 5 things that can trip you up as you’re going out the door. Hurdle #1: your boss.

It’s important to realize that from the moment you say you’re resigning, you’ve entered a continual negotiation phase, where you’re negotiating with your boss, your colleagues and your clients for the limited amount of time you have left. At a time when employees think they’re winding down, things actually get more intense. Here’s how I’ve seen people manage it well.

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Boundaries: Teaching students & postdoc how to discuss their career with family over the holidays.

A few years ago, right before Thanksgiving, a student came in for a counseling appointment. Since she wasn’t sure that she wanted to continue on a career path in the biomedical sciences, she was dreading of the coming conversations about school. Talking to people abut our career path – or deflecting those conversations – can be a tricky thing. I have six strategies to handle conversations about your career over the holidays.

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Boundaries at Work: How to help a co-worker solve their own problem without letting it suck you down.

One of the most valuable professional skills to develop is the ability to help a coworker solve their own problem. Knowing how to support others on your team without compromising your own well being is practically an art. The next time a colleague sits down and starts recounting their latest problem, respond skillfully. Here’s what I’ve seen work.