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Gender Pay Gap: Read this the day you find out you’re making less than others and someone suggests it’s your fault.

I’ve been having coffee with lots of women who found out they were making less than men around them. A common sentiment is whether or not they have the right to be mad – partiularly if they felt the negotiated poorly or not at all. So I dropped all the data I know to one super-post help a person get their head around the question. Let’s do this.

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Invisible work: Why building a new student service office can lead to burnout

I read once that career development professionals report some of the highest levels of job satisfaction. But when you’re a career development professional, in a small office, you’re in danger of burnout from all the invisible work you’ll need to do to do the work that is expected of you. Our office has been constantly tackling the creep of ‘invisible work’, and I thought I’d talk about it.

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