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Ready, Set, Go: An Introduction

I’ve worked in university career centers for about 20 years, and have had the pleasure of thinking, speaking and writing about Work with students, professionals, colleagues, and friends, almost every day of my professional life. I am interested in having conversations about what work means in our lives,  how to navigate our work lives skillfully, and how we build high functioning professional communities.

As you’ll see throughout this blog, my areas of interest tend to revolve around three areas in regards to work:

  • First, the professional etiquette of work, including the language, information, and actions that I’ve seen professionals use that help them sidestep or overcome both every day, unusual, complicated or fraught situations.
  • Second, the career paths and professional issues facing trainees and professionals in the biomedical, behavioral and population sciences, as those are populations I interact with most frequently at the institution where I work.
  • Third, I’m curious about qualities, actions, and perspectives that need to be present in the community and the work environment to make it a place that people actually want to work.

I’ve appreciated a number of excellent blogs about work, and have sometimes read thought-provoking articles only to find myself wishing they were longer, went deeper, or explained even more about not just what to do, but specifically how to do it. So, I decided to take a year to write about what I’ve seen, heard and understand about what’s required to maneuver through professional landmines effectively, student and postdoc issues, and what it means to build a high functioning and healthy organization by focusing on the cultivation and support of staff.  So, here we go.